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A sunny, beach-filled childhood in Sydney led to a playful view of life. However once in high school the education-to-employment system to me seemed like a trap that was going to take away my freedom and ability to enjoy and explore life.

So after school I chased skiing and travel for ten years which truly gave me an appreciation of the day to day joy, wonder and possibilities available to all of us. The magic of the places I travelled awakened a spiritual connection to the planet which has become the foundation of my life. Life directed me back to Sydney so to try and “fit in” I studied nursing, trying to find a career that was aligned with an aspect of my spirituality, which was healing. But trying to fit in the box of a career that didn’t really hold passion and was exhausting eventually made me sick.

At the same time I had one of my most profound spiritual experiences, a vision I received of moving to North Scotland to work with land energies (ley lines, stone circles and sacred sites) in order to reawaken these powerful energetic centres and share the knowledge contained within them.
Knowing nursing couldn’t take me there, because it was making me sick (it ended up giving me chronic fatigue which lasted two years), I needed another option. The Universe presented the pathway of an online business to me and I haven’t looked back!

Spirituality is the foundation of my life and I have found a way to align my business with this greater purpose and I am extremely passionate about helping others to bring a similar freedom and alignment in their lives.